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These are the guiding principles that we  
are held accountable for:

We support people on their faith journey
and growing with Jesus Christ. 

We work better as a unique ability team
so everyone flies first class. 

We share investments that occur from
errors so no judgement needed. 

We communicate with the team to deliver better, faster, cheaper.

We are self aware of habits and come with batteries included.

We make appreciation, affirmation, respect & fun a habit. 

We grow as a team so that the company does not grow past us.

Accountability drives progress so we take responsibility. 

Live 5 Laws: receptivity, value, compensation,
authenticity, influence.

We know that we want to start with "why". 

What our clients have said ...

As entrepreneurs, we had gotten bogged down in doing too much ourselves...
Core Score helped our team consolidate our vision and focus...