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  • Core Score is the best accountability partner we’ve ever had.

  • We didn’t have an exit strategy for our business. The Core Score team had a tremendous impact on not only helping us create that strategy, but executing it. We started working with them in our 70s, but only wish we would have found Mark in our 50s.

  • Mark told us that most companies share about 40 common problems. We were doubtful at first, but we have confirmed that we had about 80% ok. It's the 20% that we didn't that were a threat to our company. Thanks Core Score.

  • Core Score came in and assessed, identified and implemented processes that we didn’t even know we needed or could be done. As a result, through their creative thinking with us, we have implemented some new recognition and incentive programs for our employees that we just wouldn’t have come up with.

  • Core Score connected our missing links. They put us in front of the right experts at the right time, and our business is thriving as a result.

  • After Core Score helped us shape our team so that my wife could get transitioned out of the business as desired, they helped us with coaching our executive team and it’s been great.

  • Core Score helped our team consolidate our vision and focus on our purpose for our clients.

  • Results! That's it. We have experienced increased team work, accountability and profitability through our work with Core Score.

  • Core Score brings a different level of perspective and it has removed some uncertainty from our business.

  • As entrepreneurs, we had gotten bogged down in doing too much ourselves and not allowing our team to help. Core Score was instrumental in helping us realize this, and turn it around.

  • Core Score seems to have the ability to explore the future and then hold us accountable to move towards it.