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Teaching - 

Mark is heavily involved with his church and was able to participate in a program called the Lay Speakers Academy to become a certified lay speaker. Listen to an audio recording of his sermon delivered to his home church congregation in August 2017 - click here

Workshops - 
The Excellence Program is a series of workshops hosted by Core Score designed to provide you lift to help you launch. Mark is available to visit your business directly and walk through these exercises with your teams. 

The Accelerate Workshop - July 2017 
"Everyone needs a jump start with *some* aspect of their business or life. This workshop is just the boost you need."

The Power Team Workshop - October 2017
"Anyone can hire people but that doesn't make them a team. This workshop will explore a transformation of your people into a power team."

The Clarity Workshop - Feb 2018
"The more clarity we have towards what we are building the easier it is to build it. What does your company look like in the future?" 

The 4th Workshop - May 2018 

If you are interested in learning more about Core Score's workshop series or to inquire about booking Mark for a speaking engagement, please submit the form and we will be in touch. 

What our clients have said ...

Core Score is the best accountability partner we’ve ever had.
Results! That's it. We have experienced increased team work, accountability and...