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For some people, personal financial resources restrict their abilities and capacities to grow on their paths of generosity. You might have had an idea or know someone else who could have really been helped by just a little seed money. The foundation’s goal is to help mitigate or even remove some of those obstacles.

It is our desire to create a financial resource to assist them by participating collaboratively — and financially — with them.

We formed this foundation so we could administer grants for that very purpose. Each book sale will generate at least a dollar for the foundation. By personal habit, we naturally planned to position the foundation so it could partner with others, be cost-effective and be administratively efficient.

We are happy to be partnered with Renaissance Administration LLC, which fulfills its mission of making charitable dreams come true by providing customized charitable solutions and resources to financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, financial advisors, and individuals and families.

The Generating Generosity Foundation operates as a donor advised fund, through Renaissance, and has five committee members who will meet annually to evaluate requests for assistance in generating generosity. Once the committee has picked the projects to support, it will instruct the donor advisor to make the request. Renaissance will distribute the awards to the groups that operate the selected project or projects. We believe that taking this route ensures our transparency to our community. One of Renaissance’s roles as our partner is to take all steps necessary to ensure that the organizations and projects the foundation supports are legitimate. You can find more information about Renaissance online at  

After you have considered your own path of generosity, please consider joining us in this endeavor. Anyone can support the foundation financially; it is not restricted to only proceeds from the book sales. Whether for the purpose of tax planning or your personal efforts in generosity, a Generating Generosity Foundation committee member would be happy to discuss with you how the foundation might be able to partner. Just reach out to us through the website. Know that our purpose is to generate more generosity from our collaboration.

What our clients have said ...

Core Score came in and assessed, identified and implemented processes that we didn’t even know we needed or could be done...
Core Score seems to have the ability to explore the future and then hold us accountable to...